Ruler movie Review - Unintentionally Hilarious

Ruler Review , Ruler rating, Balakrishna

Movie : Ruler
Lead Actors : Balakrishna, Vedika , Sonal Chauhan
Director : KS Ravi kumar
Producer : CK Entertainments
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 1.5/5

Probably you have watched this story an ample number of times, its a poor rehash of the actors Vijayendra Varma. You would wonder why it is a below-par rehash since the former is already a bad one, but yes it is still further downhill. In case if you still didn't get it, It's about a guy who protects his village from the political goons. But, there is a problem here in some extraordinary incidents he forgets his past and turns a business tycoon and later realises his primary duty to be the protector and restore DHARMA.

There is nothing much to talk about in this aspect as everyone is over the top where you feel like a television soap is running on the silver screen. Balakrishna is okay in some parts where he carries the mass persona while uttering the loud lines which he is known for.
Music of the film is decent in the songs department. Screenplay and editing feel jerky. Production values are cheap but it's understandable as you will be lost in thought why they started the project in the first place.

A couple of songs

The rest

Balakrishna should focus more on quality rather than the number of films. Him being a powerhouse performer is put to waste in films of this standard. He can't afford any more films like this as the age is catching up. Looking forward to a strong come back in his next
On the whole, this film must be omitted and forgotten in his filmography, Avoid it.

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