Prati Roju pandaage Worldwide Pre Business

Prati Roju Pandaage Business, Prati Roju Pandaage pre Business

AREA Pre Business
Nizam 5.5cr
Ceeded 3cr
Andhra 8.75cr
AP/TS 17.25cr
ROI+ROW (Approx) 3cr
Worldwide 20.25cr
 Disclaimer: The box office figures are compiled from various sources. The figures can be approximate and Track Tollywood does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).

keyboard_arrow_rightPrati roju Pandaage 1st weekend Worldwide Collections
keyboard_arrow_rightPrati roju Pandaage 1st day AP/TS Collections

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