Prati Roju Pandaage movie Review - Decent Entertainer

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Movie : Prati Roju Pandaage

Lead Actors : Sai dharam tej , Raashi khanna
Director : Maruthi
Producer : UV Creations, GA2 Pictures
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 3/5

Sathyaraj is diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer and has a very short time on hand. With his kids invested in their mechanical life are not interested to visit him and spend the short time left. His grandson comes to spend with his grandfather and make his last days pleasurable. In the process, he realises how self-centred his father and relatives are and sets them straight.


This a rare case where the film runs the character artists rather than the leads of the film. Rao Ramesh and Sathyaraj get the major chunk and shoulder the responsibility of pulling it off with ease. Sai Dharam tej does a decent job for the subtle characterization given. Rashi Khanna does a fine job as a tik-tok star. Hariteja grabs few eyeballs with her comic timing throughout the film.

Rao Ramesh and Satyaraj
Line of the film

Excessive preaching
Tasteless jokes on the basic premise itself

The director picks up the theme of Sathamanam Bhavathi and adds the death element to it. The narration runs on entertainment right from the word go and cuts back and forth to include emotional thread. In this process Maruthi makes things look shaky as he goes overboard in tasteless comedy on the fundamental emotion thread. Emotions crossover too many times in the film. Background music from Thaman covers this mishap to a large extent to invest the viewer emotionally. This would have been an even better film if the writing was a bit more consistent. Nevertheless, in spite of this flaw the entertainment works and makes it a decent watch.

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