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Mathu Vadalara Review, Mathu Vadalara Rating

Movie : Mathu Vadalara

Lead Actors : Sri Simha koduri, Naresh Agastya
Director : Ritesh Rana
Producer : Clap Entertainment and Mythri movie makers
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 3/5

Story :

            A tale of three youngsters who relatively live ina low standards of living. Two of them work as delivery boys for a very low salary. One of them is entangled in a murder scene. How do the friends escape the situation forms the rest of the story?
Three leads have played their parts very well. Satya impresses with his comedy. Background score and camera work carries the mood of the film flawlessly.


Thrill factor


Niche market appeal
Lacks finesse in the second half
Wafer-thin storyline


Mathuvadalara is a film which banks majorly on the screenplay to hook you. It's understandable with the wafer-thin story in hand.In spite of that Director succeeds to surprise the audience with his gripping screenplay to most of the run time. On the flip side, the film deals with the drug issue which may not appeal to all. Nevertheless, the young team should be lauded for giving a fine film based on just one incident.
On the whole, Mathuvadalara should be watched if you are open to new cinema which has thrills and fun.

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