Iddari lokam Okate movie review - Tests Patience

Iddari lokam Okate Review, Iddari lokam Okate rating

Movie : Iddari lokam Okate

Lead Actors : Raj Tarun , Shalini Pandey
Director : Krishna
Producer : Sri Venkateswara Creations
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 1/5

              Varsha an aspiring actress struggling to set her career meets her childhood friend Mahi a photographer in an exhibition. In the next sequential steps, both refresh their memories and start liking each other. Varsha who is already in a different relationship while Mahi is suffering from a prolonging heart condition, how the childhood friends unite forms the rest of the story.

              Characterisations in the film are so weak that none get a chance to perform. Raj Tharun as lead looks clueless in his act. Shalini Pandey looks cute on screen. She doesn’t fit the bill in any way when it comes to performance. Rest of the actors are okay.


Mikeys songs


Farcical love story
Excessive melodrama
Weak screenplay


This will go down as the silliest story ever come from the production house of Dil Raju. It is neither poetic nor dramatic. There is not even a scene or sequence worth mentioning in the entire duration of the film.
On the whole, it's a never-ending borefest which tests patience to the fullest.

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