Syeraa Narasimha Reddy movie review - A Mega Blockbuster

Movie : Syeraa Narasimha Reddy
Lead Actors : Chiranjeevi, Nayantara, Tamannah
Director : Surendar reddy
Producer : Konidela Productions
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 3.75/5


 As the title suggests it’s the story of one of the Palegar of Rayalaseema who revolted against the British empire before Mangal Pandey. He along with the palegars of the region unify civilians and fights against the British. How has he done that, has he succeeded forms the story.
Performances: Megastar Chiranjeevi gives an outstanding performance and does a great justification for the title role. In spite of the huge star cast, everyone gets their part and perform to the best of their abilities. Sudeep who gets a meaty role in the Palegars lot does a fine act. Tamannah does a tremendous job as Lakshmi.


Megastars performance
Background score
Emotional Arc of the film


Some overdramatic moments
Becomes monotonous in 2nd half


This film is narrated by Jhansi Lakshmi's to her troops who are demotivated as they are on the verge of battle they are about to lose. Surender reddy directly dives into the story and arrests the attention of the viewer. The film is very rich both technically and emotionally. The grandeur is evident in every frame which beautifully captured by Rathnavelu, Definitely an award-winning work.
Paruchuri brothers pack the script with their trademark mass moments whenever necessary. Though it goes overboard at times it's passable.
Surender Reddy deserves every bit of appreciation for his directorial brilliance. He played on Megastars strengths right from the start to finish. His vision gets the best platform as its backed by the budget. He never gets carried away in the grandeur, hits the emotional chords all the way through.
On the whole, Sye Raa is an emotionally investing saga of an unsung hero.Recommended  for many reasons. 

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