Saaho Movie Review - All that glitters is not gold


Movie : Saaho
Lead Actors : Prabhas, Shradda  Kapoor
Director : Sujeeth
Producer : UV Creations
Reviewed by  : Sai Shashank
Rating : 2.25/5

Set up in the backdrop of Waaji city where a major business empire needs a successor to take over after the death of its creator. Like always there are wolves in the pack who want to capture the power. Who gets hold of it and how forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Leads of the film are way underutilised and have not got much to showcase in this department. Rest of the never-ending casting was okay in their roles. Only Murali Sharma stands out of the lot.

Music: Songs Doesn’t help the proceedings and are a total waste. Background score was much better in comparison with the former.

Chase sequence in the second half of the film



It doesn’t match up to the hype built around it at any level. The treatment of the film lacks firepower. Its an action film dealt in a very leisure way. Right from the start to finish the maker takes you for granted. The fancy action sequences suffer from the clueless narration.
Prabhas coming after the might BAAHUBALI has been completely wasted. Keep aside the performance in the film even his looks have been compromised.
Neither the script nor the treatment has been special. All the budget has been spilt over the action part which in no way saves this horrible narration of a mediocre script which resembles Agnyathavaasi in many ways.
On the whole, film deteriorates as it progresses and becomes a display of erratic foolishness by the time it finishes. 

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