Dear Comrade Movie Review - "Comrade" wins the Battle

Dear Comrade Review, Vijay Devarakonda, Rashmika

Movie : Dear Comrade
Lead Actors : Vijay Devarakonda, Rashmika
Director : Bharath Kamma
Producer : Mythri Movie Makers

Story: Dear comrade is the story of a student rebel with a radical ideology. Conflict arises between his love and ideology and love at a crucial juncture in the film. His decision and the consequences form the premise of the film.

Performances: Leads of the film lit the screen up with their performances.Vijaya devarakonda nails it yet again in a rebellion role. Rashmika plays the centric role of the film to perfection. Suhaas did a good job as the one among the gang. Rest of the casting played their roles to the requirement.

Music: Melodious songs and a great background score gives a thumbs up for the music director.

Production values are rich and cinematography maintains the mood of the film.

Chemistry between the leads
Drama portions of the film

Doesn't appeal to everyone
Slow-paced second half

Opinion: Film right from start to finish is a poetic experience with good Drama in parts. Devarakonda and Rashmika share Scintillating chemistry on screen. Conflict point has been handled well though it could have been better and crispier. Though the pace slows down considerably in second half of the film, Director doesn't let you of the hook. Screenplay arrests you to the proceedings of the film.

Final word: Dear Comrade is a serious tone film dealt in a realistic way. Limited appeal and some hiccups in the second half of the film are its issues. Go fall in love with Vijaya Devarakonda once again.

Rating : 3/5 

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