RX 100 Movie Review

Movie : RX 100
Cast : Karthikeya,  Payal Rajput
Director : Ajay Bhupathi
Produced by :  Ashok Reddy
Release date : 12th July
, 2018

With an entire new team, RX100 team has cut an interesting and bold trailer to make sure there are scenes good enough to pull the crowd and make sure of good openings. For a small movie like that to release in good number of theatres in US itself is a big thing. Let’s see if it is just the trailer or even the movie packs a punch.

RX100 is the story of two young lovers Siva and Indu set in the backdrop of a village named Athreyapuram. Indu who hails from a rich family falls for the looks of a middle class young man Siva in her first sight and makes him fall in love with her. But Indu is the daughter of the President of the village Viswanatham (Rao Ramesh). Will the love of Siva and Indu succeed? What happens to Siva and Indu? Forms the rest of the story. 

Karthikeya as Siva is just there for his looks in the movie. His dialogue delivery in the movie is very poor without any intensity, especially in the climax. He needs to work a lot if he thinks of making a mark as a hero. Payal Rajput as Indu is the show stealer. She has got a very important role and she does really well. Her body language throughout the movie was apt for the character of Indu. Rao Ramesh doesn’t have a great role but he makes his presence felt. Ramky in the role of Daddy was okay. 

The best part of the movie is undoubtedly the twist in the second half to the love story of Siva and Indu.

Given RX100 is a small budget movie, the technical values of the movie are commendable. The cinematography is neat and the music is really good in the first half and so is the background score throughout the movie. The first half deals with the portrayal of hero’s characterization who after 3 years still waits for his love. Then the story moves to a flashback where the love track begins.
Apart from the love track there are so many scenes with Rao Ramesh Ramky and the village politics which take up the big chunk of the first half with fairly uninteresting sequences. The love track is what the youth come for and they will not be disappointed by the overdose of intimacy between the hero and heroine. After that, he first half ends with Rao Ramesh finding out the relationship between Indu and Siva. 

The second half starts slowly with so many dragged scenes. The scene where the hero is tortured in the rice mill lasts more than 10 minutes and you feel like banging your head. Also there are scenes where the director just shows the slow motion of hero running for about 5 minutes. It is okay that a director wants to show the emotion with the background score but it keeps going on and on. While the first half deals with intimacy overdose, the second half is all about violence and torture overdose which have the shades of RGV. It has to do with the director Ajay Bhupati working with RGV before.  

The best part of the movie is undoubtedly the twist in the second half to the love story of Siva and Indu. The scenes following the twist with the dialogues of Rao Ramesh are very well written and directed. The casting is a big minus for the movie. Have they had a decent hero like Vijay Devarakonda and someone like Sai Kumar instead of Ramky, the movie would have worked wonders. Overall, the movie has been really impressive for some parts and has gone really awry for the rest. Had the director struck the balance well, this would have been a better flick. 

Verdict : New Age Lust Story

- Chaitanya Somavajhala

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