Track Talks : Ajaz Khan Candid Interview

           Ajaz Khan is an Indian actor, radio jockey and film producer. He commenced his career in modelling. He starred in telugu movies such as Dookudu, Baadshah, Raktha charithra, Rogue etc...
Here is a small chit chat with him:

Q1: Tell us few word about Puri jaganadh ?

Q2 : Tell us few words about debutant Ishan?

Q3 : Who do you feel more comfortable to work with RGV or Puri?

Q4 : You worked with biggest stars of Tollywood like Mahesh Babu, NTR , Ram Charan...! Few words about them?

Q5: Your Favourite Actors from Tollywood & Bollywood?

Q6: Few words about Big boss show and Salman Khan?

Q7 : Few words about your son?

Q8 : Your Future Projects in Telugu?

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