Aamir scores Blockbuster again??

                    After two years aamir is back at box office with Dangal. Celebrity previews and press previews were held on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. It seem like it has succeeded in impressing critics and celebrities. USA premiers has started on Wednesday.  Even film is receiving positive talk from USA premiers.


               It is a well narrated sports biopic. Aamir khan again proved that he is professional in picking excellent scripts. Casting of the film was extraordinary. Other than sports, film carried family emotions superbly. Any way film runs on women empowerment theme which might impress some set of audience even more than normal audience. Any way film is all set to have a flying start at box office on Dec 23rd. Slow narration in some parts might affect box office of the film. But overall, it will be the best film of the year.

Here are some tweets from critics:

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