Hyper Movie Review


Track Tollywood Rating: 3/5

                Hyper, one of the most awaited film of the year released today. Anyway 14 reels created good buzz with good promotions. Ram-santhosh, kandhireega combination also a reason for hype.

         Surya (Ram) is obsessed with his father Narayana Murthy(Satyaraj).He won’t tolerate if any one points a finger at his dad, no matter what. The story is set in Vizag where a local don named Gaja( Murali Sharma) saves Narayana Murty from a truck accident, and with this gratitude, Surya starts helping Gaja. Rajappa(Rao Ramesh),a minister, seeks clearance for his illegal mall construction plan in Vizag. Murthy refuses to sign the papers, Rajappa determines to teach a fitting lesson for Murthy.Rajappa deploys Gaja for the task against his friend surya’s family Rest of the story deals with how Satya and Gaja face Rajappa. And also there is a love story in parallel between Surya and Bhanumathi (Rashi khanna)

Plus points: 
- Ram energy levels
- Rashi Khanna Glamour
- Interval scene
- Some commercial elements
- Sathyaraj does 100% justice to his role
- Manisharma RR

Negative points:
- Story
- Songs, only 2 are good
- Poor entertainment elements
- Avg 2nd Half

Verdict: Go watch it for Ram energy levels. 14 reels entertainments production a rich output. May be Avg to A Class audience but good for B,C center audience.

Track Tollywood Rating: 3/5

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