Brian Lara appreciates "Silent melody" Short film.


   Now a days Short films became a platform for many young directors and actors to show up their tallent to the world. Many short films had achieved a huge success. 
   But now "Silent Melody" short film achieved something more than success. This short film was produced by young hero Sundeep Kishan, Directed by prasanthvarma starring Prachi_Thaker and KunalKaushik. The 10 min short film doesn't have any dialog but succeded in carrying the cute love story between the young couple. This short film has hit 4 million views on youtube. 
     And now the world cricket legend tweeted "Home in Trinidad wit @prasanthvarma Indian film director. Watch #silentmelody on YouTube wit @i_Prachi_Thaker @TheKunalKaushik #youropinion ". This made the director and actors much more happy.

Prachi Thaker tweeted : 
"I m so surprised to have been mentioned and appreciated by @BrianLara Thank you sir :) "

Kunal kaishik tweeted :
"UNBELIEVABLE this is..... Wait, am I Dreaming ??? "

Watch silent melody Short film:

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