Allu Arjun meets kids down with life-threatening diseases

Hero Allu Arjun fulfils a wish made by young fans by meeting them at the Make a Wish Foundation office in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Photo: G. Ramakrishna | The Hindu
They saw his movies, emulated his style, memorised his songs and punchy dialogues! On Wednesday, they got to meet the hero they idolised in flesh and blood. For a while, they forgot their travails with life-threatening ailments and freely interacted with Allu Arjun, who gamely accepted their wish and took some time out to interact with them to make their wishes come true.
The actor visited the offices of ‘Make A Wish Foundation of India’ at Red Hills on Wednesday to spend quality time with children battling with a host of ailments including cancer. “I am a big fan of his and always had this dream to meet him in person. I have never missed his movies and remember most of his hit songs. In fact, I told him this and he was very happy,” says an elated 10-year-old Harshini.
While the visit of the actor was swift, the children weren’t complaining about it. “The foundation asked us to share our wishes and promised to do their best to fulfil them. I was pleasantly surprised when they told me that my favourite actor is on his way. Allu Arjun told me to take care of my health and promised to be in touch in future too,” a beaming 11-year-old Nagarjuna said.
Like any other child
After spending time the children, Allu Arjun interacted with press persons. “Despite their health problems, they are like any other normal children. The Make A Wish Foundation had contacted me earlier, but I was travelling abroad. This time, however, I wanted to make it good. I urge the Foundation to organise similar events frequently, which would bring a lot of happiness to children,” the actor said.
In addition to interacting with children, Allu Arjun also sponsored cycles for three children including P. Shaik Roshni (14), Edda Evangali (10) and B. Mahammad (7). “The children are suffering from a host of life-threatening ailments. They are getting treatment in various hospitals in Hyderabad.
Today, we brought them to the foundation office from their hospitals for interaction with the actor,” says Allu Roja, a volunteer with the Make A Wish Foundation. The Programme Co-ordinator Puspa Devi Jain and volunteers from Make A Wish Foundation were present.

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