Uttama villain Movie Review.

Uttama villain movie review(Telugu)


Uttama villain
  • Currently 3.39/
Cast: Kamal Hassan,Pooja Kumar,Andrea Jeremiah and others
Directed by : Ramesh Aravind
Produced by : N. Lingusamy, Kamal Haasan
Banner :Eros International
Music : M. Ghibran
Release Date : May 01 2015 12:00 AM

Uttama Villain Movie Review


'Uttam Villain' is story of two eras which are narrated parallelly. While one of them have a 8th Century backdrop, The other one is about the journey of Superstar Manoranjan and how he appears with and without a mask.

Artists Performance:

Kamal Haasan: He is flawless in every frame that he appears and shows how brilliant an actor he is with the characters played in both the eras.

K Balachandar's scenes with Kamal Haasan hit the right chord. Nassar is one actor who competed with Kamal in terms of performance. Pooja Kumar plays a small but lovely role. Andrea as Kamal's illicit lover looks believable. Parvathy Menon shines in couple of scenes. K Vishwanath does justice to his character. Urvashi suited the role perfectly. MS Bhaskar scores brownie points.

Plus Points:

- Topnotch Performances

- 8th Century Episode

- Technical Brilliance

- Heart-Touching Moments

Minus Points:

- Too Many Sub Plots

- Run Time (171 Min)


Kamal Haasan teamed up with Actor-turned-Filmmaker Ramesh Aravind for 'Uttama Villain' which is very different from what Telugu audience have seen till date and at the same time compelling enough.

'Uttama Villain' is technically brilliant. Ghibran's Musical Score is simply superb. Shamdat's Cinematography is a visual spectacle, especially during the 8th Century portions. Art Direction is exceptional. Visual Effects are laudable. A Runtime of nearly 3 hours is a bit of concern and Scissors should have been used more effectively. Dialogues are well written. There is nothing to complain about Production Values.

To begin with, 'Uttama Villain' starts on an ordinary note but gains momentum with a fascinating scene between Kamal Haasan and K Balachandar. Particularly, The 8th Century episode is a laugh riot. Though there is a bit of lag in the beginning of the Second Half, It was compensated with finest performances, highly emotional conversations, soul stirring background score and a visual spectacle. Once you connect, 'Uttama Villain' will be an enjoyable ride.

Box Office: 'Uttama Villain' has got a limited release in Telugu states and hence the end result largely depends on the talk it generates. Its a film that connects well with the family audience and film buffs who crave to watch something new rather than routine commercial potboilers.

Verdict: Try it once..!

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