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Gruham Film Review

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Movie : Gruham
Release Date : 17/11/2017
Director : Milind Rau
StarringSiddharth, Andrea Jeremiah
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Initially Film was planned to release on November 3rd but was postponed due to some problems. Finally, after clearing all formalities film released today across the telugu states. Film's tamil version already declared as hit by tamil critics. Now lets see how the film is?


Krishna (Siddharth) is happy with his wife (Andrea Jeremiah) in a secluded location in Himalayas. Paul (Atul Kulkarni) move into their next door and it has a history as old as 80 years. The history is very scary and even the present events point us to the past and help us unfolding the mystery of what happened and why it needs to be stopped from happening now again. 

Doctor Prasad (Suresh), a psychiatrist tries to aide an young girl, Jennifer (Anisha Victor), daughter of Paul. In his attempts to treat her he unfolds the major demon that is controlling the ghosts and why is it doing so, becomes more interesting. You have watch the events unfold on screen to completely unravel the mystery.


Siddharth once again proves why he is one of the finest actor in Indian Film industry. For a film to get excellent output it is very important that lead actor should reflect exactly what director needs on screen. Actor has fully justified his role. Andrea Jeremiah and Atul Kulakarni also delivered good performances. Anisha Victor also delivers excellent performance on screen. Overall all actors did their part very well.


+ Screenplay
+ Cinematography
+ Siddharth's Performance
+ Anisha Victor's Performance


- Few illogical Scenes
- Predictable 2nd Half

Final Verdict

Many films have came in Indian film industry with full horror script but they were greatly lagging in creating fear in theaters when compared to hollywood films because of bad sound mixing. But, Gruham is one such film which has excellent mix of sound which will make you feel the fear. It will give you a real taste of Horror film.

Rating : 

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