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C/O Surya (Care of Surya) Review

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Movie : Care of Surya
Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Harish Uthaman, Mehreen Pirzada
Director : Suseenthiran
Producer : Kalyan Ram
Release date : 10th November, 2017

Young Hero Sundeep Kishan Starrer C/O Surya released today. Latest Sensation mehreen played lead actress role in the film. National award-winning director Susheenthiran has directed the c/o Surya movie in Tamil & Telugu languages. The film has a runtime of two hours and thirteen minutes.


C/O Surya movie also features Satya, Praveen, and Dhanraj in key roles.Coming to the story, the movie revolves around the lead role Surya (Sundeep) who gives more value to friendship and faces many troubles because of his friends. Like a typical Indian mother, his reel mother (Tulasi) always scolds him showing friends as the reason for his unsettled career. In the process, he has a girlfriend named Janani(mehreen). All of a sudden his smooth going life turned upside down when he lost his father due to the sheer negligence of doctors in a private hospital. His friend Mahesh (Vikrant) gets into trouble with a fake complaint against him. When Surya tries to help Mahesh he stucks into the same. Later he came to know that its a big trap set up by notorious criminal harish utthaman. What’s the connection between Mahesh (Vikrant) how Surya survives himself from the villain is the rest of the story?


Sundeep Kishan played the role called surya in the film. He as usual gave his best for the film. He showed his emotional side also to audience with this film. Female lead played by mehreen, gave a decent performance and continuing the Success streak. Film also stars Thagubothu Ramesh, Harish Utham and Praveen. Every one did 100% justice to their roles.


+ Sundeep Kishan
+ casting
+ ScreenPlay
+ 2nd Half


- Few Forced Comedy Scenes

Final Verdict:

A different Film, with an unexpected twist in 2nd half which makes film more interesting thriller. Director suseenthiran deserves an appreciation for delivering film with engaging screenplay. Finally, good performances, Great screenplay and BGM makes film watchable.

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