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Baahubali Movie Review

Track Tollywood Rating: 3/5

Now let's check out the Review of baahubali The most awaited movie  india.

Story :
Set in Ancient Era, Shivudu (Prabhas) after being orphaned due to circumstances grows up in a poor Forest Village near Mahishamti Rajyam. He falls in love with Avanthika (Tamannah ) who is part of a Rebel army hiding and waiting for their Revenge on Mahishmati. What is the connection of Shivudu with Mahishamti forms the main plot.

Prabhas managed to deliver a largely Good Performance but is ordinary at times. Rana excelled in a Negative role and is apt. Tamannah adds glam quotient and did her part with ease. Anushka in a de-glam role is very good. Ramya Krishna is excellent as `Sivagami` and is a highlight. Prabhakar, Sathyraj & Nazar are more than Adequate. Sudeep`s Cameo is fine.

Technical Departments:
VFX/CGI : Extraordinary Work rivalling the Best in the World.
Music: Keervani has delivered a very good album and 2 Melodies have been shot well. Sound Track is exceptional and is a Big Plus. Songs are largely situational but the item number is average.
Cinematography:  Good.
Editing: Excellent
Action/Stunts:  Very good at times.  Good Overall.

Analysis :
Baahubali is a Visual Spectacle and High Octane Period Action Drama!. The film has extraordinary Art Work, VFX and Interesting War Theme coupled with Huge Casting. It is a Technical Marvel and Brilliance and surely is the best to come out of India in this aspect. The Visuals alone are worth your every penny. The 1st half of the film is About par with a few Good episodes and establishes the Story. 2nd half of the the film has been ordinary, may be due to High Expectations from War Episode from Cinematic Point-of-view. There`s some thing amiss in the flick when walking out of the theatre after abrupt ending. The end is partly understandable since they have a 2nd part to release.
It has been a pure delight to watch those Waterfalls and Mahishmathi is a Total Visual treat. The Extraordinary visual content has been to an extent let down by lack of strong emotional conflict. Nevertheless you can still watch the film easily for its Grandeur and Rajamouli`s Vision.

Highlights :
1. Interval
2. Shivudu Realization Sequence .
3. Parts of War.

2. Large Canvas/Production Values
3. Sound Track
4. Huge Casting

1. Length
2. Sky High Expectations
3. Abrupt end

Track Tollywood Rating : 3/5

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